Purpose and Scope

Gedik International Welding congress and exhibition was organized by Istanbul Gedik University and Gedik Education Foundation. In this congress, where the university and the industry will come together, it is aimed to contribute to science, quality and economy in the resource sector with expert participants.

At the congress, the welded of similar- and dissimalar materials will be discussed, according to international standards will be examined, and the problems of welding technologies will be discussed.

The basis of the congress is; discussing the welding capability of materials used in the automotive and defense industry, health, food, electronics, chemistry sectors, revealing traditional and new generation material/method relationships, and examining experimental and industrial proces.

Other topics to be discussed in this congress are; new generation auxiliary methods used in welded joints; results with software-simulation and robotic systems, semi- or full automation processes.

The purpose of the congress is to bring together academicians and engineers in the sector with academic and industrial research and application examples, and to show the welding capability of various material groups by addressing the problems reason of the material-method-construction triangle and interpreting the solutions of these problems from a theoretical and practical.

Job descriptions, responsibilities and occupational health and safety issues of operators, welding technicians and welding engineers working in welded manufacturing will also be included in the congress.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet KARAASLAN
Chairman of the Executive Committee